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If you have been seeing ANGLAPRO boats popping up more and more in your mates Socials, you will know they are gaining a heap of momentum among keen boaties. Why you might ask? Because ANGLAPRO represent great build quality and flexible options to make your boat the perfect weapon for taking on the estuaries , bays and offshore conditions safely.

ANGLAPRO's main aim is to build quality alloy boats that last the test of time.

The CHASER range offers amazing value with high build quality and has fast become the #1 choice of many of our Local Bay anglers who want a step up from the basic tinny, combined with good looks, great options and can take the bay chop safely.

With 4mm bottom, 3mm sides and extra hull bracing that you don't find in cheaper brands..the CHASER is not only designed to give you a lifetime of fun..its designed to hold it's value of you ever sell...

Pop in and see us or give us a call. Our Friendly Staff will be more than happy to walk you through any model in the ANGLAPRO CHASER range.

Marine Care QLD

Redland Bay Australia

07 3186 5270

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