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Bonito Boats Brisbane

In this post, we will write about Bonito Boats. We will tell the reader everything about Bonito Boats and cover each Model with a paragraph or 2 write-up with Images.

We will then do a Video Overview and upload it to YouTube so it can be linked in this post. You can decide to do an individual Blog on each Model...with its own overview...or...put them all in this post.

Each model should cover its individual features...length, options etc...including som specs when fitted with various outboards like Evinrude 150hp or a Honda 150hp etc...possibly with Fuel consumption numbers, cost to service etc...

To find about our full range of Bonito Boats, please come down to Redland Bay to see us or give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

Marine Care QLD Redland Bay Australia

07 3186 5270

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