Price me an Evinrude 

Low maintenance

Evinrude outboard engines put a big list of routine maintenance items where they belong. In the history books. It’s pretty simple. Where would you rather be? In for service? Or out on the water?

Fewer parts

Less parts than most four-strokes engines. No valves, belts, camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace. Fewer parts, fewer problems, fewer repairs. More time on the water!


Lower emissions

Three stars from the toughest emission standard in the world – the California Air Resources Board. Plus, BRP, through its Evinrude brand, is the only outboard to win the EPA’s Clean Air Technology Excellence Award.

No smoke

Thanks to the advanced fuel and oil injection systems. You’ll breathe a lot easier when you’re out cruising a shoreline or trolling a weedline.

Less noise

Remarkably quiet, thanks to a combination of advanced cowling designs, an acoustically tuned exhaust system and 3-dimensional sound-dampening materials for reduced noise levels and a quiet idle.

Evinrude power

Fuel efficiency

You’ll spend less money on fuel using a G2. Pure and simple.

Marine Care’s unrivalled backup

The team at Marine Care Queensland have been fitting, servicing and looking after Evinrudes for decades. There’s not much we don’t know about them. We take our time, keep you informed and make sure your Evinrude is perfuming at its best. It’s the only way we know how.

Price me an Evinrude